For me fight breast cancer

by Jennifer Hart for Odysséa


About my fundraiser

Odyssea Paris 2011,

I'm leaving the French bit alone because it is boring and this race for me is anything BUT boring...especially this year. I have been a supporter of cancer-based charities for many years now, particularly breast cancer at it began to affect my life through my friendship with an amazing woman named Panagiota (aka Pegs).

This past weekend (Sept 17th, 2011) Panagiota passed away. Breast cancer won the battle this time but I REFUSE to let that define her and I also refuse to sit by and do nothing! If you can't walk, if you can't run, if you aren't here for the Odyssea, then consider donating to the greater cause in Panagiota's memory.

Thank you and keep fighting. If we all have hope and we all do something then who knows where we will be in a couple of years.


Les projets de ODYSSEA me tiennent à cœur et j'ai décidé de collecter des dons pour contribuer à les financer.
J'ai besoin de votre aide et je vous invite à faire un don à ODYSSEA.
Votre don sera reversé par Alvarum.
Merci de votre aide !
Jennifer Hart

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ODYSSEA, association de loi 1901, organise des courses/marches au profit de la lutte contre le cancer du sein. Depuis 2002, année de sa création, l'Association a mobilisé sur ses événements plus de 600 000 participants permettant de reverser 6,6 millions d'euros dans le domaine de l'accompagnement des patientes, de la prévention ou de la recherche.




Odyssea Paris 2011