Jodie V. Breast Cancer Running to raise money

by Jodie Hutchins for Odysséa


About my fundraiser

Odyssea Paris 2011,

As some of you know in the past two years I have by the assistance of my personal trainer (Marcus Ruebn) starting jogging / running, not only has he got me doing sports he has also incurged me to do 3, 10k races and one 20k! Having said this, while doing my runs I decided to start running for good causes! So heres a good cause...
In the midst of trying to organize a group of ladies do this run with me, I was informed that a dear friend of mine was was
diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
So all the more reason to run and put some positive energy out there, not just for my friend but also for the general fight against Cancer!

Additional Suporters for Jodie's run:
Hotel de la Porte Doree
Rush Bar
AIM ( Athletes in Motion)
Body Science sports wear

If any one else would like to join Trixie and I for the run please feel free.. PS you men out there you can join too!

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ODYSSEA, association de loi 1901, organise des courses/marches au profit de la lutte contre le cancer du sein. Depuis 2002, année de sa création, l'Association a mobilisé sur ses événements plus de 600 000 participants permettant de reverser 6,6 millions d'euros dans le domaine de l'accompagnement des patientes, de la prévention ou de la recherche.




Odyssea Paris 2011